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You are 100% safe when you let us run your construction, excavation, earth moving, bush clearing, channels and tunnel construction, murrum and tarmac construction, filling material,surveying for road & structural construction as well as providing machinery for hire.

We are very sure to provide you with best and quality services ever. Reliable and genuine,we try our best to at least reach 98% percent of our client need.

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Our Specialization

For the good time we have spent in service,We’ve got the best and quality efforts in civil engineering and electrical engineering.We have invested much creativity and time to keep our clients satisfied with our output.

Road construction​

Terenom engineering contracts to contracts and maintain both marrum and tarmac roads it here where we distribute and supply bitumen and fine stones.​

Structural demolition

We use various means and methods to demolish or dismantle an existing structure in order to make way for new construction. It does not matter if your structures are constructed utilizing either structural steel framing, or structural concrete, we are at a purpose to serve .​

Fish/Algal Pond construction

We do the construction of standard fish/algal ponds at standard depth and design to approximately a life span of 23 years, we also install lights around the ponds that favor fish feeding and breeding at affordable costs, ensuring fish product security at all periods.

Landscape Design​

We have got all it takes to give your yard,garden,park,fuel station,private or public housing etc a shape you desire smartly in time.

Drainage works

Terenom Engineering is sure that for a perfect road these should be part of the project;outlet ditches,side ditches,culverts,inner and outer slope road structures etc.​

Machinery Hiring

We have got lots of machines for you to hire for that fits your construction/engineering purpose In Uganda and outside Uganda.​machinery like graders,road rollers,excavators,water bowsers dozers etc in different brands and weight.


We provide plumbing and rain water gutter installation at all types of roofs/house including drainage both indoor and outdoor as well as alliances.At the same time,install and repair pipes that supply water and gas to as well as carry waste from homes and businesses.

Preparing & building pavers

Terenom Engineering design, build and installation of pavers at all landscapes for business and home purpose,you may need pavers at your supermarket,fuel station,bank,parking or even hotel. .​

Electrical Engineering

Terenom Engineering handles Civil engineering and construction including machinery hiring to road(s) construction, earth moving, excavation as well as all tasks related to electrical engineering right from electrical installation/wiring, power backup installation, power line construction, substation design and installation, switch-yard design and installation plus much more.

Drainage works

Terenom Engineering is sure that for a perfect road these should be part of the design. outlet ditches, side ditches, culverts, inner and outer slope road structures etc.​

Our Recent Projects

Glance at some of our projects. These are less of our projects.We have a good number of them that may not be listed here and hoping to do more with you.

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katosi-Mukono pipeline
Terenom engineering aviation fuel reserve project
Entebe airport jet-fuel reserve
Terenom engineering aviation fuel reserve projects

Terenom Engineering at Entebe International Airport 3
Road compaction-Entebe

Terenom Engineering at Buziga project scaled
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Uganda works by Terenom Engineering 7
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Uganda works_Terenom Engineering
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Uganda works by Terenom Engineering 6

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Uganda works by Terenom Engineering 9
Nalya Commercial Apartments Terenom Engineering 3
Nalya Commercial Apartments_Terenom Engineering
Nalya Commercial Apartments Terenom Engineering 5
Raod Tarmac
Nalya Commercial Apartments Terenom Engineering 4
Paver installation

Our Expert Team

A quarter of our team that fights hard to provide the best.


Mwesige Norbert


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Musa ssemwanga

Field Manager

felix coat pp

Erukan Felix

Medic & Safety


Production and distribution as well as asphalt processing plants importation


Terenom Fuel supply and distribution prove you with the quality fuel safe to your engine


Hiring, sale and importing and clearing and affordable costs


Terenom Institute of Technology and Vocational Skills to advance you in IT knowledge and skills