Welcome! We officially registered, P.O.Box 11661 Kampala for quality and genuine engineering services in Kampala Uganda at affordable costs that fits and suit your budget. You are 100% safe when you let us run your construction, excavation, earth moving, bush clearing, channels and tunnel construction, mur rum and tarmac construction, filling material & machinery provision, and so much more services.Above all you will not incur any loss if we are at your service!
We are very sure to provide you with best and quality services ever. Reliable and genuine,we try our best to at least reach 98% percent of what a client need if not 100%,we also do our best to meet the standards of work for quality output.If i may also remind you that do not forget we have a purchase machinery menu/tab just at the upper right of our site where you will find lots of machinery,spare parts  plus engineering/construction related services which we hope are nice for you to purchase after picking interest in or refer us to a friend and to those having machines that you need us to contract with you and sell of the world,we are very glad to have you still,feel free to use our contact page or call us directly for more close information.IMG 0366 scaledterenom clear work