Future Projects

Terenom future

future Projects

Its not because we are rich or big, But we are fighting hard and devising means of how our people can access full free health and education services.


Terenom Hospitals

Urgent Health Response, operating under Holdings has the feelings of love to provide free health services to all patiences or citizens, this wont start as a mass but some areas in Uganda will begins having health centers or to hospitals where patients will at least find ready health personnel at no cost incurred.(zero coin)

  • Emergency & Urgent services
  • General and specialty surgical services
  • x ray/radiology services
  • Full free Ambulance system


Terenom Schools

Education, We believe that there are children out there who love to learn and study, their parents also love their children to study and love, schools may not love to see any child without school fees or tuition fee to study and learn BUT we love children to access education, innovation by all means at no condition with this, the country develop and rise very fast.

  • Study and learn
  • Develop talent to benefit
  • Be innovative and creative to look unique
  • Study for learning not for points