Generators & pressure pumps


Garden portable tractor shibaura get 25se in perfect condition price is cheap 7000000 ochan portable light hand garden tractor at 2000000 petrol engine garden spraying tool easy ease at 2000000 petrol engine kobelion airman compressor at 1,200,0000 denyo compressor perfect condition Japan used price 1,300,0000 compressor green double tank Japan used 2000000 or water pumps from 1 acres to 1 mile distance i have them all i may also talk about tyre changers both small and big pressure cookers, bikes for both young and old age, all these item are in japan used perfect condition and super working each with a different prices e.g  woze pipes 25metre at 200,000.You may also need night working flood light with soft light that wont damage your eyes at all they are available. Welding generator denyo max petrol perfect condition Japan used 3,500,000


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