The Directional O.MG Cable is different than the other O.MG Cables. Instead of being built for covert field deployments, the Directional O.MG Cable is designed for demos, training, and attacker deployed scenarios.
Officially, there are 8 types of USB-C to USB-C cables a consumer can have. The O.MG C to C Directional cable is none of them! We exploit the Type C design specifications in a way that allows the cable’s behavior to change depending on what direction you plug it in.
The active end of the cable is discretely marked with a USB logo. Plug the active end into a desktop or laptop to attack it. The cable will support USB 2.0 functionality (data transfer & charging) when the active end is attached to a USB host. For mobile attacks plug only the active end into a smartphone or tablet. No other steps are needed, the payload delivery will automatically work just like with host attacks.
The Keylogger Edition retains full features of the standard O.MG Cable and adds a fully passive USB Keylogger capable of storing up to 650,000 keystrokes. The Keylogger Edition for O.MG Cable was specifically built to be used against Full Speed USB keyboards with detachable cables

Terenom Programming is incharge of training on how to use this cable.


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