Terenom Chalk

We are manufacturers and distributors of durable,dustless quality school chalk based in Kampala Uganda.Our market basically targets primary school,secondary schools,institution plus other organizations that use chalk in their daily running.We extended our serves by letting individuals or groups who may have the love of learning how to make chalk at to earn a living,yes it is possible and very easy to start chalk production at home since most of what is needed is not expensive at all,right from chalk mold,pop (Plaster of Paris),calcium carbonate and water lets include hand gloves,mixing bowl lastly a brush.

Mr.ssemwanga Oscar the director of Terenom chalk has shared more of the ideas about chalk production at your smallest capital level.lets begin with the list of raw material once more but elaborated;Plaster Of Paris: Commonly called “POP,” this is the main raw material required for chalk production. The chemical name for POP is calcium carbonate,” Which is instant forms a hard paste when mixed with water. Apart from chalk production, it is also used in hospitals for molding casts around broken bones.Clean Water: It is basically required for mixing the ingredients, most common in all manufacturing business.Lubricant: oil is used as a lubricant during chalk production. Which usually mixed with kerosene the mixture is used to line the interior of the mold to avoid the chalk from sticking to the chalk mold.Colors: colors are required as per your production for colored chalk.

List of Machinery And Equipment;Chalk Mold: This is the significant mechanism utilized for chalk Production it is made up of either plastic, rubber or metal edges.The types vary depending on the quantities of opening present in chalk mold, some could have up 240 holes or 800 and above(standard chalk mould). Scrapper: Scrapper is flat metal that used for scrapping the surface of the chalk mold.Paint Brush is used to apply lubricants on the chalk mold before filling it up with raw material POP. Dryer is utilized to dry the chalk after it has been expelled from the chalk mold but if your production is still small,the sun perfectly works fine here.Hand Glove: Hand gloves are used to protect the hands while mixing water with POP.Hand Glove.


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