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We maintain or operate systems for system design, computer network design, technical consulting, custom software development, CDROM authoring and to engage in engineering drawing for local and international clients and to deliver hose products to internal clients, to organize any course of study or training of standard and custom onsite developers course management overview course, training in computer short and long course.

In the same line of duty, we provide information technology(IT) related services such as network  solution, IT network management, design and setup, data centre design and setup, network installation, network configuration and setup of software and hard, application deployment, release management, remote server management  IT setup monitoring IT support, development of trade portal, trade directory, website, education programmes via internet or any telecommunication’s lines or through what so ever means and in connection their with to provide other necessary service which deems necessary for benefit of society.you can find us @facebook or follow us on twitter for more information visit us at Nateete opposite Makay stage rubaga south division Kampala Uganda.We have a full tracking system where your car,motorbike,trucks and other machinery,cargo/goods/machinery in transit and so much more.Our systems are fully capable of handling both software and hardware impacts in all weather conditions.


terenom programming