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software & IT related solutions

We provide information technology(IT) related services such as network  solution, IT network management, design and setup, data centre design and setup, network installation.etc

Website design and cyber security,software customization and training,coding and all related tasks to programming.Development of trade portal, trade directory, website, education programmes via internet or any telecommunication’s lines or through what so ever means and in connection their with to provide other necessary service which deems necessary for benefit of society

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We have worked day and night to get you covered.

System design,computer network design,custom software development, and engaging in engineering drawing.We organize courses of study or training and custom onsite developers.Course management, training in computer short & long courses.

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Available services and private training

Getting Started With computer & basics

New to computer? Lets get started here,i don’t think you are new,you simply need a simple practice so with that,i will take you through.

  • Fundamentals
  • get started with typing
  • develop personal office skills
  • start browsers and internet
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Available services and private training

Java and python

start and get equipped with these language to set yourself the perfect career in life.

  • Fundamental
  • Input and Output
  • Conditional branching
  • +8 More Lessons
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Cyber security
spend the art of cyber security and pen testing

Beginner- 2h 10m

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Css & Web design
WordPress,HTML and CSS for this course

Beginner- 2h 10m

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Application design & management
All that is necessary to start & run your application

Beginner- 2h 10m

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Yes,We are also best at training institutions and adults from beginner to Advanced level.

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