Am very glad to inform you that Terenom visual effects studio is officially registered by the government of Uganda to run business with both international and national clients.we are located Nateete Rubaga south division @ P.O.Box 11661 Kampala. Yes we run on visual effects rails but before i tell you what else we do other than that,lets first talk about what visual effects is commonly abbreviated as (VFX). In our course of making this short demo,we could not shoot the subject(Jammy James Mukasa Bean) with a live bullet and gun of-course he would die yet he has more parts  to act,so we had to do all the action,bullet effects,blood and so on in the editing process call it post production.hope you are coming close to  visual effects, am i right? right,thanks.that means anything that’s difficult to film then we use visual effects to achieve it.Lets look at another example of aliens attacking the earth are impossible to film so we use visual effects for all the alien creatures to destroy the city.hope all is at least clear and more of it is right at this click Alright! to be general let me first say cinematography,all activities related to cameras,editing or video,that’s what we do.let’s brush through them.3d modelling and motion design,photography,Tv commercials,documentaries & discoveries, audio,video editing and production please let me inform you that we have a team of video directors and film editors plus a special team of stant men to perform all sorts of stants you may need.You can talk to us via Facebook or twitter